Ken Block partners with Audi for new performance EV projects

Fans of Ken Block and the Gymkhana series will have to get used to a new badge adorning the rally and stunt driver’s charismatic automotive creations. Out: One blue oval; in: four silver rings. 

That’s right, Block has defected to Audi. Well, “defected” is perhaps being a bit harsh. Block went “free agent” (his words) early this year, walking away from a decade-long partnership with Ford that brought us several outstanding project cars that starred in some unforgettable stunt films. Block seems pumped (just look at that smile up there!), and given Audi’s motorsports history, we are too. 

“Audi is the brand that ignited my passion for motorsport,” Block said in the announcement. “I am extremely excited to start this new chapter. Together, we will develop innovative projects and push the boundaries of electric mobility.”

“I see the electric car as a leap forward for us as a society in order to create something that can not only reduce emissions and hopefully make the planet a better place,” he said. “But not only that: it’s also about performance. I love anything that makes me go faster. Electric cars can do that. And as far as sound goes, I have kids who don’t care about that. They think that the sound of electric cars is just as cool as the sound of internal combustion engines.”

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