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Telfar Starts “Telfar TV” To Introduce New Bag Drops & Merchandise Details–Also Unveils New Duffel Bag (Exclusive)

If you’re a fan of Telfar and always miss out because of the quick sell-out of the highly sought-after bags, the brand just announced a new and unconventional way to ensure you’re able to cop one.

On Sunday, Telfar hosted a press conference and TSR was in the building. The company introduced Telfar TV that will play a very important role in their drops and restocks. 

“We’re starting a 24-hour linear TV station. It’s live and it’s right now. By TV, I mean like TV, TV. You don’t watch it on your phone. You don’t watch it on another projected screen. You actually watch it on a TV. You can’t click forward. You can’t click backwards. You can’t leave comments.”

How does this play into making sure you get a bag?

Well, you have to download the Telfar TV app and you’ll receive a QR code. Once the code is downloaded, you’ll have your bag!!

Walking down the aisle at the press conference to a song, Telfar addressed the lack of bags, insinuating bots are the reason why there’s a lack. 

“People try to get these bags and they can’t. You wanna know why? I’m tired of the bots online. I’m here to take back every bag that the bot has stolen from us and give back to everybody in this room.”

Explaining the quantity of QR codes will be the quantity of bags made, Telfar continued, “When you go to Apple TV and you download Telfar, there’s a QR code. If only 100 people download this, only 100 people will be getting this bag.”

If that’s not enough to get you excited, Telfar also introduced the Duffle Bag. But in order to ensure you get the bag is to download the QR code. Also, any new styles, release dates, colors/designs will be announced on Telfar TV.

This announcement comes just two days after their last drop sold out in minutes and caused the brand to trend on Twitter.

Roomies, are y’all here for this?


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