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Differential Refractometer

The HK Series Differential Refractometer from Testa Analytical Solutions sets a benchmark for precise determination of specific refractive index increment (dn/dc)—an important parameter for polymer and protein molecular weight determination using light-scattering techniques. It is a flexible device that may be used in either static or dynamic mode. The new system offers several wavelength options enabling precise matching of your light-scattering detector laser operating wavelength. Where the dn/dc value of the sample is already known, the unit provides precise, sensitive concentration determination. The amount of sample used for this determination can also be easily recollected and therefore utilized for further investigations.

Antigens and Antibodies for Veterinary Diseases

The Native Antigen Company announces its new range of veterinary reagents, including over 90 high-quality native and recombinant antigens as well as monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for a range of viral, bacterial, and protozoal veterinary diseases, all of which can be used in the development of diagnostics and vaccines. Our reagents have been developed for both livestock and companion animals, such as dogs, cats, and pigs, and include a range of clinically relevant pathogens, such as coronaviruses, Borrelia, Rift Valley fever virus, African swine fever virus, Toxocara, and heartworm. Suitable for a wide range of applications, these reagents can be used in research as well as the development of immunoassays for diagnostic and vaccine R&D.

Display Antibody Discovery Platform

OXGENE announces the introduction of its self-labeling integral membrane (SLIM) protein discovery system. This novel method allows for the identification of antibodies against membrane proteins in their native configuration in mammalian cells, which could catalyze the discovery of new candidates for antibody-based therapies. In the SLIM display, a target membrane protein and a library of potential binders are expressed in the same mammalian cells. These then progress through multiple rounds of enrichment and purification to obtain a single clone expressing a single-chain variable fragment that can bind the target antigen. SLIM display implements a specific strategy to reduce false positives and ensures that confirmed binders only target physiological epitopes. The platform also uses Chinese hamster ovary cells throughout discovery, so binders are far more likely to be compatible with downstream processing.

Reversed-Phase Column for HPLC and LC/MS Analysis

Use the Thermo Fisher Scientific MAbPac Capillary Reversed-Phase HPLC Column for high- sensitivity HPLC or LC/MS characterization of intact proteins in top-down proteomics applications where sample amount is critically limited. This versatile column is also ideal for peptide-mapping characterization, as its capillary format balances sensitivity with throughput. Additional applications are monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), fragments, variants, antibody drug conjugates, PEGylated proteins, and bispecific proteins. These columns have excellent resolution, long column lifetime, and low carryover. Proteomics, clinical peptides, and biopharmaceutical research laboratories can now achieve high-resolution, low-flow separations for intact proteins, mAbs, and peptides with minimal sample volume.

Cytosections for Antibody Screening

AMS Biotechnology (AMSBIO) has launched a comprehensive range of cytosections that offer a verified, reproducible, and renewable source of positive/negative controls where the expression of the target biomarker is confirmed for accuracy and specificity by an immunoassay. Researchers, antibody and assay developers, and immunohistochemistry (IHC) labs often have difficulty finding a reliable and verified source of positive/negative controls for their IHC experiments. AMSBIO’s new cytosections range consists of high-quality FFPE sections of cell pellets of overexpressing targeted biomarkers. The expression of target biomarkers in these cytosections is carefully verified for accuracy and specificity using Western blot. Positive controls (cells transfected with the target protein) and negative controls (mock transfected cells) are available for genome-wide human and mouse genome targets. In addition to its standard range, AMSBIO also offers a custom cytosections service where cell-pellet composition and density can be designed according to the customer’s needs.

Temperature Gradient System for DART-MS

The ionRocket from BioChromato is a temperature-controlled heating device for direct thermal desorption and pyrolysis of samples prior to ionization and analysis by mass spectrometry. ionRocket generates a temperature gradient from ambient up to 600ºC in just a few minutes. This enables compounds in your samples to be sublimated, vaporized, or pyrolyzed according to their volatility, and then introduced into the direct analysis in real time-mass spectrometry (DART-MS) gas stream. The system offers the option to weigh samples prior to analysis, resulting in reproducible MS intensity and allowing you to calculate calibration curves of analyte amount versus peak intensity. Data obtained from ionRocket yields another axis of data (time/temperature) beyond that obtained from normal DART-MS analysis.

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