‘Gutfeld’ on border crisis

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GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to another monumental Monday you marvelous maniacs. It’s the start of our first Halloween week long extravaganza. As you can see, I am in costume. I came tonight is Jesse Watters. You can tell I’m him from the tweeze eyebrows and inflated self- esteem. It’s so convincing that on my way to work, I was pelted with wet garbage. And that was from his mother.

But before we get to the news, it’s time for a very special Halloween episode of our favorite new sitcom.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight’s episode in human resources.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I’m sure you’re aware of all the horrific things that have been happening around the Gutfeld offices. And we in human resources, we cannot tolerate death and dismemberment in the workplace.

GUTFELD: What does this have to do with me, dude?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You’re wasting my time. I got to hit shows.

GUTFELD: What’s the deal here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me refresh your memory. Oh my god.

GUTFELD: What’s wrong?


GUTFELD: All you right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Nothing. I just — I don’t know, I’m seeing things.

GUTFELD: You’ve been working really hard.


GUTFELD: Thirsty, you probably need something to drink, maybe you need to be hydrated.


GUTFELD: We did that on a limited budget. I can’t believe Schwimmer did not take that role. All right. To the news, on Thursday, actor and gun control activist Alec Baldwin accidentally killed a cinematographer on the set of the Western he was filming in New Mexico. As the news dribbles out, we see many things that went wrong. Now we hear that the gun actually had been used for target practice by the so called expert.

Yikes. And it may have had live ammo in it. Doubly yikes. And that it was pointed at a person. Triple yikes. That’s a huge no, no. And one of the most basic tenets of gun safety. You don’t have to be an NRA member to know that. The firearm also wasn’t checked each step of the way from handoff to handoff. All of these tragic errors are based on carelessness, inexperience and lack of safety protocols.

They might as well put Hunter Biden in charge of the medicine cabinet. Now could be they were in a hurry to save money. It could be they were cutting corners. Either way, it was a highly preventable screw up. Having an expert on gun safety would have changed that. It seems at least to me, that’s what was lacking. But where do those experts come from? I would say the NRA. But you might as well say IRA if you’re telling that to Hollywood gun control activists.

They’d rather take gun training from Charlie Sheen and a hot tub full of mayonnaise. So fat chance anyone from the NRA would be invited to a movie set where Baldwin was the producer. Kat would have a better chance guest hosting Special Report. One day. And so we find another instance where the prison of two ideas creates problems. If there was an NRA person on set, this would never have happened.

But no one in charge would do that because in the prison of two ideas, gun control good, NRA evil. And that dictates that you’re either a gun control activist like Baldwin, or you’re an evil gun owner like me. And that excludes real expertise. If the two prison idea didn’t exist, the set would have benefited from the NRA’s hardcore focus on safety. And it would have saved a life. It’s like a homophobe.

Not asking his gay neighbor who’s an interior designer to help him decorate his apartment. In the long run, he’s only hurting himself instead of getting laid all the time, girls are going to take one look at his neon Budweiser sign and shag rug and say sorry, guy, enjoy your hand. We still don’t know what truly happened but it’s becoming clearer and clearer. Perhaps the people who work in the world of make believe want nothing to do with realities true experts.

Anti-gun advocates hate gun advocates because of a projection of their own insecurities. It’s not that they don’t trust gun people with guns, it’s that they don’t trust themselves with guns, therefore it should not exist at all. Last week we talked about a segregated dorm of women and trans people who were upset when cis normative, I.E. straight repairmen came to install new radiators for the rooms to anticipate in Ohio winter.

You think there’s nothing worse than a male or female freezing their balls off? But no, it’s straight men trying to help you stay warm. The door means didn’t want their world infringed by another different world they felt unsafe with a straight man in their midst. What would they have preferred? Do the work themselves? You see, that’s like handling a gun on a set with no expert.

You see, it’s all the same, that if you segregate your world based on ideas or identities, you lose out on the experience, the wisdom and the expertise of the very groups that you’re avoiding. Here’s a chart. The first one shows the prison of two ideas. You see, there’s no information sharing. The second one shows them overlapping. That’s how wisdom and know how spreads. It’s pretty simple stuff. I came up with that chart myself.

But this simple phenomenon is now being prevented as a consequence of the elitist thirst for separation and conflict. And it’s happening everywhere. From Campus Housing to Hollywood. There are millions of amazing people who know how to deliver cargo, repair trucks, build bridges and handle guns. But what if they’re straight? Or Trump supporters or religious or meat eaters, or they put pineapple on their pizza? Stop it, Emily.

It’s the baby in the bathwater. You divorce yourself from different people, and you divorce yourself from their invaluable assistance, and you end up clueless and stupid, meaning a college student. Just the way the professional sports world benefited from desegregating the set of Baldwin’s movie could have benefited from an NRA’s members experience and knowledge. I’m sure the NRA would have gladly volunteered in experts to oversee safety protocols.

You probably could have found a liberal one too. But no one thought of that. Because NRA bad, gun control good. It’s unfortunate a tragedy like this had to happen before. Maybe somebody on a movie set says, sure, he voted for Trump, but he can clean his A.R.-15 blindfolded. But I prefer to live in a world where people know how to control the guns they have. Rather than people having guns and have no control at all.

Hiring a gun lover would have threatened their safe space, but without them it became a deadly one. So maybe if you’re going to film using real guns, reconsider your anti-gun ideology, Allow real experts to be involved so you can expertly shoot movies and not colleagues.


GUTFELD: Let’s welcome tonight’s guests. If she were a salad dressing, it would be dreamy Italian. “OUTNMBERED” and co-host Emily Compagno. He wears red berets and rescues feline strays. New York City Republican mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa. This Halloween we asked her to egg her because she needs the protein. Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf. And a small step for Tyrus is one giant leap for mankind. My massive sidekick and the NWA World Television Champion, Tyrus.

Tyrus, I go to you first because you are on a lot of movie sets.

TYRUS, FOX NATION HOST: Yes. Some with permission, some without. I’m just kidding. You know, you make a lot of great points on your monologue but it’s actually lower than that.


TYRUS: This is about elitism and greed which ended the result of an unfortunate death. The working conditions for the crew was so poor that they walked off set. Which means and that goes to — and I’ve been on some we’ll call them B movies. OK? Whether that’s small budget or whatever. But usually the guys on small budget movies work their ass off because they want to be big budget movies one day.

And everything with guns and stunts is all about procedure. Routine, repetition. It’s — every time I was in a scene with a gun, one take, hand it back. He checks it when he hands it back. He puts it on the table. They check it again it comes back then he yells to the group cold or hot letting you know what the situation with the gun is. When you get to the point and is Alec Baldwin where I’m assuming he’s successful.

He’s producing this movie. He’s got people giving him loans and investing and you’re starving out and having the people that you rely on behind the scenes, the stunt workers, the coordinators, the second, the thirds, the guys you never see except a little bit on if you stay on a credit looking for an extra part of a movie, he didn’t want to pay them or give them a decent place to sleep at night.

And they were doing this old trick where they’d asked him to take a two- hour lunch, so they could work a 15-hour day which is against all the SAG rules. So lo and behold, he — then they walk off.


TYRUS: And what does the liberal elitist do? I’ll replace them with locals.

GUTFELD: Non-union.

TYRUS: Now — non-union guys, which — that’s not a fair shot at them. But when you cross over, even if — on the best situation, if they told me right now, hey, Tyrus, it’s not working out. Shillue is going to take over from right here. My earpiece. And as Shillue walks in and he goes, what were you saying? I’m going to say (BLEEP) and walk out.

GUTFELD: Curtis, what do you make of this?




GUTFELD: That’s how they describe me.

SLIWA: Now, I know Alec Baldwin. I’ve had a great relationship with Alec and all of his brothers through all the years because, you know, the local.


SLIWA: Long Island guys. They’ve all succeeded in different capacities.

GUTFELD: Some of them.

SLIWA: That’s true.

GUTFELD: Really not so much.

SLIWA: Look —


SLIWA: — ups, downs, all downs, all right? But I’ll tell you this, having been shot with a gun five times, 38 Special. Every time I see a gun, it’s got to be checked, checked, double checked. Because it brings back nightmares to me. I was fortunate enough to survive a hitman. You know, from the Gambinos and the (INAUDIBLE) but that that one piece that you’re holding in your hand can do so much damage.

And you would think there would be someone on the set, NRA trained, certified. What do they call that? The eagle scouting? I think gun seminar that they give. And just haven’t check, check, double check, triple check, quadruple check, because that kills. That means that there’s no thought process to that.

GUTFELD: Yes. Especially I think to Tyrus’ point about the cost cutting, that takes over and all this — all these protocols go away. Emily, you’re our legal Eagle.

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS HOST: Usually you say I don’t believe that you’re an attorney. This is an improvement. I feel like I’ve been promoted.

GUTFELD: Not for long. You know, never mind. Where do you see this going, legally, young lady?

COMPAGNO: Well, to respond to your monologue, gun safety group came out and said exactly that. They said the teachable moment here is that when a Hollywood actor lectures you about gun control, they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, because safety is no accident. And that goes exactly into what you’re saying in the protocols. Legally, I think we see an unfortunate trend here that on this particular set, there was concern after concern raised that the Assistant Director Dave Halls was ignoring all of that protocol and procedure in addition to the egregious situation that was happening with all the other stuff.

But specifically in the realm of firearms and pyrotechnics, there was — there were complaints that were made and also on prior sets. So this guy has a history of ignoring safety protocols that other people around him have raised but the pyro technicians and prop masters have raised. And to your point, it might just land in the civil bucket. But in 2012, a woman named Sarah Jones who was a camera assistant was killed by a freight train in a stunt in New York State.

And the assistant director was put on probation for 10 years but the director was criminally charged with involuntary manslaughter and he served a year in prison.

GUTFELD: Oh wow.

COMPAGNO: And the way that I see this coming out, you know, note with note, with all much to Halloween is that heads are going to roll.

GUTFELD: Hmm, interesting. Kat, you’re familiar with firearms.


GUTFELD: that’s all I have to say. Is it kind of hypocritical for anti-gun actors to be shooting guns in movies in the first place? Because it real — because they treat that as make believe, as opposed to as respecting the weapon. Like I always go to the point where the — when they’re firing a gun sideways which nobody does.

TIMPF: Yes, Well, that’s — I guess, but you do a lot of stuff in the movies that you just — just like how if I say something and it ends up, you know, striking a nerve. I just say. I was just kidding. Like —


TIMPF: That’s how they — that’s how they probably do it.

GUTFELD: I’m been defending a lot of movies I made, Kat back in 90s.

TIMPF: I know. I know. Right?


TYRUS: But even you didn’t fight.


TYRUS: On coordinator.

GUTFELD: No, I didn’t. But in those stunts we’re really crazy. I landed on that horse every time.

TIMPF: It’s just one of those things where people talk, you know, about work environment, hostile work environment (INAUDIBLE) this household work, look, I don’t think a work environment is more hostile than one where there’s — as you mentioned, repeated warnings of we’re having all these accidents with lethal weapons. Can we maybe fix this and then just rushing? Like, what could be more important than that?


TIMPF: I would think nothing. So it’s obviously a really, really, really sad situation. And it’s one of those lessons where like, oh, we can learn from — something from this but it’s also disheartening to know this is something that needs to be learned.

GUTFELD: Learned, exactly. No. They could have — again, if they — if they have welcomed wisdom from the people they hate that’s the whole — that’s the lesson here. And I’m always trying to teach lessons. Because I’m the hero. All right. Up next, they wrote a letter full of lies for which they just apologize. Good rhyme.


GUTFELD: The school board’s apologized for smearing parents who criticize. Yes, the board cracked as parents pushed back. The National School Boards Association issued an apology for the recent letter sent to President Biden which targeted some concern parents saying some of their actions could be considered domestic terrorism, not the terrorism that smashes windows burns businesses and attacks people on the street.

The kind where parents, you know, hold public officials accountable. That kind of terrorism. We learned last week that the letter prompted Attorney General Merrick Garland to order the FBI to investigate threats from parents to school officials. As it became known many in the media and in in government played this office, no big thing, even denying the obvious intent of the letter. But now the folks behind the letter copped to the insanity and apologized. Why?

Because parents finally had enough. They rose up and called it out. And the board didn’t expect that. The apology reads this way. To be clear, the safety of board’s — school board members, other public school officials and students is our top priority. And there remains important work to be done on this issue. Boohoo. However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter. So it’s good to see parents getting results. However, one parent believes it’s all make believe.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: These are serious times and we need serious people. We have too much to get done to be going backwards. Here we are trying to recover from a global pandemic that has killed more than 700,000 Americans. Put millions in harm’s way. We don’t have time to waste on phony culture wars or fake outrage that the right wing-media are peddling just to juice up your ratings.


GUTFELD: Hey, that hurts. So what’s phony? Is it the letter calling parents terrorists? That was real, they apologized. The rape in Loudoun County that was denied by the school board? That’s real. Was that phony? How about the spread of the reversely racist CRT training? It’s all been well documented. Seems to me the only thing that’s phony is Obama’s lame denials. It’s hard to believe this guy so out of touch.

You think the neighbors next to his multimillion dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard would naturally bring him back down to earth?


GUTFELD: How would you change the schools if you became mayor? Is it too — I always feel like it’s too late.

SLIWA: Oh. Well, the mayor in New York City controls the school system. The largest public school system in the nation. But if you have a free speech as I am and you’re not into taking down statues, but just building more statues. Giving more. More opportunity for people to express themselves. I think mayors have to be in these school board meetings. I’ve been there for my three sons.

GUTFELD: I love that show.

SLIWA: Oh, yes. It was great.

GUTFELD: Yes. Fred MacMurray.

SLIWA: That’s right. I know Fred MacMurray. That’s for sure.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes. But neither was he.

SLIWA: You know my past. I have no (INAUDIBLE)

GUTFELD: My three wives maybe.

SLIWA: That’s right.


SLIWA: He’s quick. Gutfeld is quick. It was actually four. But I think they just have to go to these board hearings about schools and let people talk.


SLIWA: Now even if you’re facing a loony Kazumi from Parts Unknown, with all the furniture upstairs and rearranging the wrong rooms, they’re paying the taxes.


SLIWA: The property taxes that subsidize so many of our public school systems, let them talk. Let them have them say, for instance, you mentioned critical race theory. I’m the mayor. I’m opposed to it. But if all of a sudden parents want to discuss it, I’m going to cancel them out. Absolutely.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

SLIWA: Let’s have an open discussion, forensic debate. And then after all of that, I’ll say critical race theory. No good. Hey, not in old schools.

GUTFELD: Yes. You got to listen to both sides. Emily, should we give credit to the school board for apologizing or did they smell mutiny when everybody was getting sued and the parents are pissed off?

COMPAGNO: Yes. No credit to what should have been obvious to them in the first place. And the knowing the results before — even during the election? That’s what we call a Sicilian election.

GUTFELD: Ah. Way to be a bigot, Emily.

COMPAGNO: It’s my own culture. The bottom line, you guys, I mean, I just feel like what keeps shocking me is that our Attorney General used a misguided, totally inflammatory letter from a bunch of freaks out a union to mobilize an entire federal law enforcement to pit parents against parents and unions against parents and teachers against parents without a thought. In fact, they lead with the fake facts and that right, the disturbing spike in harassment and threat.

That’s not even under federal purview.


COMPAGNO: The highest-ranking law enforcement authority in this country, use your tax dollars, because of hearsay and hand wringing without a thought and slept great at night after doing it. So, I feel like as long as we keep remembering how fast that happened, how easily it happened. And then when Jim Jordan pressed him on it in the hearing, he admitted it, man. He didn’t do any other investigation whatsoever.

That to me is more troubling. Of course, the union is going to act like a bunch of idiots. Of course, they’re going to mea culpa after but it worries me more that the Attorney General just ate it.

GUTFELD: Kat, have you ever sent a letter that you regretted?

TIMPF: An e-mail?


TIMPF: Hundreds of texts.

TYRUS: Thousands.

TIMPF: Thousands, yes. Thousands. Letter, no.

GUTFELD: What are your thoughts on this topic?

TIMPF: I think I was the most struck by Obama talking about, you know, stop waging these culture wars. Like, well, OK, then, you know, stop trying to control the culture. Like —

GUTFELD: That’s good.

TIMPF: It’s reactions to, you know, people on the left straight up saying that parents should not have influence on what goes on in the classroom, in teaching their own kids. I don’t think when you try to control culture, then yes, there’s going to be where I say the government should just stay out of culture together.

GUTFELD: Yes, that’s true. That’s true, because they actually initiated the fight. Tyrus —

TIMPF: Pretty good point, right?

GUTFELD: Yes, that was a pretty good point. If I don’t say that she’s going to cry. And then —

TIMPF: And during my birthday week.

GUTFELD: It’s her birthday week.

TYRUS: That’s a great point.

GUTFELD: Does that count is a birthday present?


GUTFELD: Did you enjoy that — did you enjoy that compliment? You can’t return it. Comes only in one size. Tyrus, you have kids.


GUTFELD: Would you — would you would — are you one of the parents that would show up and say what the hell is going on?

TYRUS: I have a more subtle approach. I just drive by their house and go. Oh. You know, I just get confused because Jussie Smollett, he can’t act anymore. And he didn’t have the FBI come after everyone. I don’t understand why the people in these boards ought to resign.


TYRUS: You cause, you basically made a fake assault. You made fake stats. You got the DOJ involved in it. Why are they not fired?

GUTFELD: It’s a hoax. You’re right.

TYRUS: So the good news is for Jussie Smollett, he can be a school board member. Because you can fake the acts of violence and still keep your job. Not so — and this, I guess Hollywood is the adult in the room because he can’t get acting job anymore because he lied about being assaulted. But you could be on the school board and lie about it and just have to say, and that was one of the worst apologies. That’s like a guy who gets caught cheating.

And the only reason why he’s saying sorry is because both women are in the room.


TYRUS: And whenever you say to be clear, that’s not an apology.


TYRUS: You’re trying to buy time and talk your way out of something.


TYRUS: So if anything I said or done offended anyone, sorry. That’s not — that’s not an apology.

SHIMKUS: Tryst me, that doesn’t work.



SLIWA: That does not work.

TYRUS: To be clear.

GUTFELD: We’re setting a cap on four, you know, Curtis. We don’t want to hear about a fifth one.

SLIWA: No, no, no.

GUTFELD: You collect the cats. He does. He’s got 17 cats.


GUTFELD: We’ll talk about that later. Up. Next, they’re building a brand new fence for the president who spouts non-stop.


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Biden’s beach house gets a barrier while the border crisis gets scarier. Yes, we can’t stop the caravan in our direction, but Joe gets a fence for home protection. The Department of Homeland Security is paying more than $450,000 in taxpayer money for security fencing around Joe’s beach house in Delaware. Yes, the same Joe Biden who stopped construction of the wall at the southern border.

But to be fair, Joe’s fence is mostly to keep him from wandering into the neighbor’s yard. He keeps giving speeches from behind the birdbath and it’s just annoying. So, even Biden sees the sense in building a fence. But the optics are worse than an episode of Top Chef featuring Jeffrey Dahmer. Because this Joe’s fence goes up a new caravan with 2000 migrants is plowing through Mexico like Brian Stelter through a five-layer wedding cake.

He ordered them and he’s not even going to a wedding. They’ve already made their way past Mexican armed forces and are headed this way. In fiscal year 2021, 1.7 million migrants crossed the border illegally according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. And there’s no solution in sight, certainly not from Kamala. They put her back to work on the national gender strategy. Probably because she’s a dame — a sexist would say. Thank you, President Biden, what gives?


TOM SHILLUE, COMEDIAN: Look, look, don’t tell me about the border. I know the border. I’ve been there. I went there in 2008. And come on he, it’s long. You can’t get a fence on it — it’s too long. So, I put a fence around my place. Everybody else should do the same thing. It’s like a mask. All right. My fence protects you. Half a million dollars — that’s not bad for a fence. Half a million. That’s what Hunter gets for one of his paintings. And come on, you know, they’re, they’re not that good.


GUTFELD: Emily, it’s I mean, this is ob — it is such an obvious comparison to make but I can’t resist it. He gets a wall, America doesn’t. He accepts the logic of a wall.

EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes, but what else do you expect from someone who spends our money without restraint, including his salary? It reminds me of when I used to live in Seattle, and I would walk my dog by the lake and homeless camp was erected like overnight, and the neighbor, I saw was building this huge fence around their house.

So, on top of all the tax dollars, they were paying, they had to pay with their own money, a fence to make sure that they were kept safe from these, from everyone in the camper, whatever. So, he’s acknowledging exactly what he needs and to the tune of all of our money. Remember, when all of the DHS contracts were just recently cancelled and all of the diverted funds were going toward environmental projects?

GUTFELD: I remember that as if it was yesterday.

COMPAGNO: Like it was yesterday.

GUTFELD: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

COMPAGNO: Well, basically that all of our tax dollars go into border infrastructure. That’s $1.2 billion.


COMPAGNO: And that doesn’t even include that went going to the wall, and now he’s spending 500,000 of our tax dollars again, to build his own little fence to keep him inside.

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: We’re not used to, we’re not used to numbers on the show.

GUTFELD Kat, clearly, this fence is a hateful message. He’s saying, I need a barrier between me and people, many of them likely minorities. He could be a racist.

TIMPF: He said that.

GUTFELD: I just said that.



TIMPF: I don’t think everyone who has a fence is a racist, no.

GUTFELD: But apparently the wall is racist.

TIMPF: Yes, look —

GUTFELD: See my point?

TIMPF: Yes, everybody makes this — you know, I don’t like the wall, I never wanted the walls racist. I think that we should just remove welfare incentives. Instead, we can save money on a wall.

And then of course, you know, my husband’s more conservative than I am and he’s like, well, we got a wall over here, like this wall of the apartment like this wall, like that one.

Like, yes, babe, I would be cold. Then I say, I’m kind of cold right now. And he says, put a sweatshirt on. I don’t want to put a sweatshirt on. Why so cold in here? It’s cold all the time. And then on and on.

GUTFELD: Wow. That’s amazing. I feel like I was really there.


TIMPF: Not the perfect — almost six, almost six.

GUTFELD: You’re going to make it.

TIMPF: But we’ve been living in since, since four months of dating. So — but no, I don’t think it’s the perfect analogy.

GUTFELD: All right. But it was an easy one.

TIMPF: But it was and you know, you’re a busy man.

GUTFELD: Thank you. I don’t have time to come up with difficult analogy. Tyrus, this one made sense. It’s red meat.

TIMPF: Yes, true. It truly is. I mean, people are not going to like what I had to say. That’s OK, I love you anyway.

TYRUS: You play to the old base. I’ll give you that? You know, I got to be honest with you, man. The last couple times I’ve seen President Biden especially the town hall. I just, I keep feeling like I’m in Rocky for watching Apollo Creed just getting killed. I just want to throw in the towel like, please stop, man, don’t talk no more. I’m sure if you cornered him and said, hey, what’s up with that new fence at your house? You’d be like, huh, yes?

I don’t think he knows what’s going on anymore. And I’m not doing it because it’s the joke. It’s painful to watch and to see. And the people around him, you’re probably 100 percent why it’s probably his wife put a fence in. Like, literally, we’re seeing — but he has such a great ace up his sleeve. Doesn’t matter if it’s dementia or whatever medical ailment he’s having which is causing him to be slow. It’s not just the gaps anymore. He has this amazing trump card that he can play it anytime. You want to get rid of me?

Good. Because they’re — the Republicans are like, you with 26 and 25 — no, we’re not. No, we’re not. No, we’re not. No, we’re not. Because of what the progressive monster behind him is coming. The machine is coming. So, even we — that’s why you’re not seeing the right talk that much, serious talk about trying to get rid of them because yes, we can’t.

GUTFELD: The next in line. Curtis, what would you do with the border?

CURTIS SLIWA (R), NEW YORK MAYORAL NOMINEE: Well, first off, the fence is interesting. Some in the audience weren’t even birthed at that time. But remember, Ollie North —

GUTFELD Of course, yes.

SLIWA: Remember how he was savaged because he said, I need an electrified fence around my house. I am the target of terrorists.


SLIWA: He was. Well, I look at the wall, and I say that’s how terrorists are coming in. As mayor of New York City, if the voters elect me on November 2nd, that’s my primary concern. Because the third time may be the chump, you know, they want New York.


SLIWA: 1992, they try, then, obviously 911. They were successful, but they want to come back whether it’s al-Qaeda, ISIS or any of those knockoff groups, they want the Big Apple, the terrorists are coming through that void that’s been created. So, maybe either the two thousand and who are marching up to Central America through Mexico, there could be 10 terrorists in them. How would we know?


SLIWA: There’s no vetting process. There are no background checks. And we know already terrorists have been caught of the few that have been in the catch basin. So, that is what our biggest concern has to be. If you are a terrorist, right, in some hovel in South Yemen, I’ll get you my little prey, this will be the big time. What’s the best way to get into the country? Right across the border from Mexico into America.

GUTFELD: I’d be a terrible terrorist because I’m so lazy.

TYRUS: You know, I think you’d — I think you’d —

TIMPF: No, you get too nervous.

GUTFELD: I would get too nervous.

TYRUS: You talk a lot — you’d talk about it.

GUTFELD: I would like, I would confess before the crime takes —

TYRUS: It’d be a scathing e-mail right before the attack.

TIMPF: Yes. Yes.

TYRUS: To whom it may concern.

GUTFELD: I sent one scathing e-mail to you Tyrus, and you won’t let me forget it.

TYRUS: It only took one, you little terrorist.

TIMPF: Send us both a scathing e-mail.

GUTFELD: Well, if you see something, say something. That’s what you do when you see a scathing e-mail. All right. Up next, a big city mayor wants Trump erased proving his priorities wildly misplaced.


GUTFELD: We got rampant murder, theft, and crime but it’s banning Trump’s name that deserves the taxpayer’s dime. Yes, the actions are petty from a mayor, the size of a Yeti. You could have shown a picture. After the January 6th Capital riots, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio vowed to end contracts with the Trump Organization saying the former president “will no longer profit from his relationship with New York City.”

It’s part of De Blasio his quest to make sure no one makes money in New York City, except of course his wife. So, while violent crime levels are at all-time highs around New York, Mayor Blockhead makes it his personal mission to remove the former president’s name from several sites across the city. He just got rid of Thomas Jefferson at City Hall.

Now, he’s after Trump. I guess de Blasio is threatened by the legacy of great presidents. That was a red meat line, should have got applause. OK, well, we’ll add the applause in it. There you go — I’m kidding. Kidding. Or maybe he’s pissed because Trump has spent a lifetime adding great things to NYC de Blasio only knows how to take them away.

Still, I haven’t seen de Blasio this much rage in his eyes since he murdered that groundhog. But these are the priorities for Mayor Stonehenge (BLEEP). Instead of devoting time and resources to a city that’s in serious trouble, de Blasio his personal vendetta could actually end up costing taxpayers $30 million, which once again proves a thoughtful insight I offered earlier this month. The mayor is stupid.

Kat, we’re going to spend $30 million getting rid of Trump’s names have you run into any lunatics today on your way into work?

TIMPF: Yes, every day. Every day there’s lunatics on the way and that you know, it’s the, the tents are becoming more advanced.

GUTFELD: Yes, they are.

TIMPF: I’m losing. We’re losing actual tenants of the apartment, but I’m gaining the tent city surrounding me is getting bigger.


TIMPF: I think it’s sad. I think that maybe we should focus more on that, of course, then, you know, names on a building.


TIMPF: Which who cares?

GUTFELD: I don’t care.

TIMPF: I don’t care. If there was a building that had signage telling me to go (BLEE) myself, I still don’t think — I might appreciate the attention actually.

GUTFELD: I took that down, by the way.

TYRUS: He did. He takes the big man and then he’s wrong.

GUTFELD: Yes. And he knows it was costing a lot of money just to, just to upset her.

TIMPF: Well, the electric bill alone.

TYRUS: Well, to be, to be clear, you did apologize.

GUTFELD: I did apologize. It was out of line. Curtis, de Blasio’s wife ran like $800 million program for the mentally ill. And we have no idea where that money went. Shouldn’t we be investigating that instead of tearing down the science or something?

SLIWA: Absolutely. Five years, one and a quarter billion dollars? And I’m wondering, Switzerland —


SLIWA: Panama, the Cayman Islands, you know nice stash, I get elected mayor spreadsheets, indictments little put them on Rikers Island, the place they want to close, because nobody can account for their money. But see, Bill De Blasio, you got to understand, he’s decided like Michael Corleone, he’s going to settle all scores all the way out.


SLIWA: And that’s against Trump. So, at night while he and his wife are separating the stems in the seeds from their outs. I mean, we’re smoking high grade Maui-Maui-Hindu-Kush-puff-puff-pass.


SLIWA: They come up with these brain farts. I mean, look, I’ve been at that golf course in the Bronx, the Bronx.


SLIWA: The least number of people to vote for Trump in the last presidential election. Nobody has vandalized it, desecrated it. In fact, it’s like a fade when you get a haircut you notice on the green, since Trump over there. And now, we’re going to pay him $30 million?


SLIWA: That is crazy.

TIMPF: Giving Trump more money.

SLIWA: Yes. And where’s de Blasio going to get it from us? To suck a taxpayer on his way out the door. I would say, maybe he needs to change the budge he’s using. You know, the great of (INAUDIBLE), because he’s definitely out of control.

SLIWA: You know, Tyrus, I have no idea what these drugs references mean.

TYRUS: I was lost too.

GUTFELD: I was lost.

TYRUS: They never brought this up in Bible study. I feel like, Reverend, you never talked to me about seeds.

SLIWA: And stems.

TYRUS: Yes, stems. See, I’m completely lost. Is this the, is the mari — a Spanish term, I’m not familiar. Mari — the ‘J’ is silent?

GUTFELD: Yes, it is.

TYRUS: Yes, OK. You know, I just — all I feel like is this is all, I think the, the mayor’s wife loves art. And they got to come up with money for art. So, I think we can solve this whole riddle if we just take the anonymous tags of Hunter Biden’s arts of who’s really buying this stuff. And it’s probably somebody spending our money to do it.


TYRUS: Probably funding to them, and they get a big kick out of it. And it’s anonymous. So, I think it all comes together in one big ugly web because it makes zero sense. You’re going to take his name down; you’re only going to get him more voters.


TYRUS: Keep it up. You’re going to inspire a whole new generation of Republicans, because that always works in the movies.


TYRUS: It always works. When you tear something down. That’ll show them.

GUTFELD: It doesn’t. Last word, Emily?

COMPAGNO: Well, I feel like this is just a perfect example of exactly how the left operates. The reason it’s costing us $30 million, is because at first the mayor was like, it’s because he engaged in a crime. That’s why we can effectively cancel the contract.

And then when the judge was like, yes, no, but he said, OK, fine, I’m exercising at will just because I want to, that’s what triggers that penalty. So, because he feels like it because he wants to prove a point, that’s why we’re on the hook for 30 million.

And the irony is that the new party that they’re, they’re engaging with in the golf course they have a lower rent. So, to your, to your point earlier, tax payers here in New York, they’re going to get less from this on addition to the — in addition of 30 million that they’re on the hook for all because de Blasio said, well, because I feel like it.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

COMPAGNO: And all those people in the Bronx, they came to the hearing, they said we’re losing our jobs. And we want to keep this here. So, all the people who didn’t vote for Trump are still voting for this golf course.

GUTFELD: That’s crazy. I’m glad somebody read the article.

COMPAGNO: Anytime.

GUTFELD: Up next, they moved the all-star game and blamed it on voting, now the governor of Georgia does some gloating.


GUTFELD: In Georgia, will they play a will MLB take the game away? Because if a city was too racist for the all-star game, will the World Series be the same? After the Atlanta Braves won the National League pennant Saturday night that’s baseball, Kat, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp tweeted: “While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the all-star game from hard working Georgians. The Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia. Chop on and Go Braves!” Don’t know what that means.

Well, that tweet seems out of left field, baseball pun. If you forgot the MLB moved its all-star game from 51 percent Black Atlanta to 76 percent White Denver to protest the voting law that Dems called racist. Meanwhile, if Georgia is so racist, I’m still waiting for CNN to move their headquarters from there to Denver. All right, quickly around the horn, shouldn’t the Braves — should the Braves not playing Atlanta? What is the difference now from the all-star game?

SLIWA: I’m like Switzerland on this. I hate the Braves and I hate the Astros, but I just want to know now that they’re in the World Series, do they get to do the old Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, Jimmy caught a chop, chop? Is that permissible now that anybody know?

GUTFELD: I think that’s done. Didn’t they retire the chop, Emily?

COMPAGNO: Well, but the mayor just did it in his —

GUTFELD: I said chop up or something like that.

SLIWA: Oh, that’s the Gov. The Gov. said Chop on.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, yes.

COMPAGNO: I just hope for a town that has 30 percent black-owned businesses with an estimated income coming from these games of $6 million each, I hope that it’s slightly alleviates the economic punch in the stomach, that was the All-Star game debacle and I also hope that if Stacey Abrams is in the stands, she’s wearing an I’m sorry T-shirt.

GUTFELD: Kat, she used the word debacle, can you do better?

TIMPF: No, absolutely not. I don’t She’ll be wearing that T-shirt, and yes, it’s obviously it’s hypocrisy in politics so, you know.

GUTFELD: That was the easiest lamest answer you’ve ever come up with.

TIMPF: I mean, we’re running out of time. And I also — I don’t know anything about sports. Not even a little thing about sports. I don’t know anything. It’s almost remarkable how I could live in this country for this long and be like a socialized human and known as little as I do.

GUTFELD: You know what, that’s an Olympic event.

TIMPF: Thank you.

GUTFELD: Yes. Last word to you, Tyrus.

TYRUS: Listen, I get it, you know. And so, I just happen to know of a stadium that’s open right now. Fenway Park is open. You know, all we ask is you wear Red Sox uniforms and the Braves can play their home games in Fenway. Problem solved, because —

TIMPF: Oh, they lost. The Red Sox, they lost on the weekend time, over the weekend time.

TYRUS: How dare you?

TIMPF: I knew that.

TYRUS: Scathing e-mail coming your way.

TIMPF: They lost — hold on, they lost.

TYRUS: No, no know, Greg.

TIMPF: The Astros one.

TYRUS: Put the sign back up, put the sign back up. Put the sign back up.

GUTFELD: The sign is coming back up. How dare you. All right, don’t go away, we’ll be right back. I’m sure of it.


GUTFELD: We are out of time. Thanks to Curtis Sliwa, Emily Compagno, Kat, Tyrus, our studio audience. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” with evil Shannon Bream is next. I’m Greg Gutfeld and I love you, America.

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