Justice Department domestic terror document could ensnare Biden critics, professor tells Tucker

A Justice Department dossier called the “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism” was released this week with much fanfare by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, but one political scientist warns the actual text proves even the most casual critic of the Biden administration could be ensnared in its definition, and therefore face punishment.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Nicholas Giordano – whom host Tucker Carlson described as a government document expert – and who is also a professor at Suffolk Community College in Selden, N.Y., warned that Garland’s document is “one of the most concerning” he has ever studied.

“When you look at it, it is clear the [legal] analysts in the field didn’t write this document, it was the political appointees trying to push an agenda. They list three factors to drive domestic terrorism: the first is racism,” he said.

Extrapolating from the fact the term “racism” is never formally defined in the document outside of the idea of White supremacy, Giordano noted that the Biden administration and its political allies include people who believe racism is “inherent” from birth.

“The question then is, are we born ‘domestic terrorists'” under this new agenda, Giordano questioned.

Another tenet of what the document describes as “domestic terrorism” is “anti-government sentiment.”

In its plainest terminology, that would be a sentiment made against the government.

With the Biden administration rapidly expanding federal power, weakening federalism and inflating the debt, Giordano noted that the antithesis to that would be expressions in support of limited government.

One example he gave was of the millions of Americans who have opposed coronavirus socioeconomic lockdown measures. 

“If you look at the coronavirus and question the mandates as unconstitutional, well, you are classified as ‘antiauthority’. Think back. Over 1200 public health officials signed a letter stating if you protest lockdowns, that is White nationalism,” he noted, referencing a separate 2020 letter.

“So we have these vague terms that are being used and it really could encompass anything. In the document, it talks about violence. We all abhor violence and it should not be tolerated in any way. This document goes much further. It talks about incitement and what can incitement domestic terrorism,” he added. 

“It does not give explanation except for the fact the government–the powers that be–will determine what “incitement” means: But on page ten it has a few examples if you question 2020 election or if you talk about COVID and questioned the mandates that came out, – or engaging in what the government deems a conspiracy, that can incite domestic terrorism and therefore you can get punished for it.”

So, by extension, if someone tweeted that they believed the 2020 election should be questioned or audited in any way, the current administration could deem that conspiratorial, and therefore subject to DOJ surveillance and potential punishment under Garland’s document.


“Then the document lays out the four pillars and how it’s going to come back and pushback against domestic terrorism:

You see widespread monitoring of American civilians. You see a partnership with big tech, the financial sector; to give up America’s private information. You see censorship.”

Host Tucker Carlson replied by characterizing the new rules as “a fascist document” that is antithetical to the American system of governance.

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