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If you notice an off odour or discolouration to the water coming out of your taps, the City of London says not to worry.

“The City assures residents that the water continues to be safe and meets all health standards,” reads a release from the City issued Monday afternoon.

Properties in southeast London could be affected by issues with water coming from Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes the local drinking water is sourced.

The City says there have been challenges at the Lake Erie water treatment plant because of something called “inversion,” which has mixed different layers of water together caused by changes in temperature and available sunlight.

While the water is returning to normal at the facility, the City says residents living south of Commissioners Road and east of Wonderland Road could experience a change in odour or colour. The city is also advising that if water is discoloured, residents may want to avoid washing laundry until the issue is resolved in the coming days.

Anyone experiencing changes to their tap water after Sept. 20 are being asked to call Water Operations at 519-661-4739 or file an online report.

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